Funding Solutions Corporation Applicant Services

    Funding Solutions Corporation can assist applicants throughout the entire grant seeking process. Whether you have your project well scoped out and just need a grant writer or someone to review your application before you submit or you have an idea and don’t know where to start. We can provide guidance and consultation all along the way. The typical phases of the grant cycle are shown below.

      It is important to be able to answer the “5 Ws” questions when seeking a grant. Being able to provide these details will position your program to funders and will explain why your program deserves their attention.

      Who? – who will benefit from the program, who will run the program, who are the partners, who else is involved, other departments, organizations, etc.

      What? – what technology, services, people, etc. need to be in place to implement the program (turns into budget narrative)

      When? – when do you want to implement the project? Can you meet that deadline?

      Where? – are the locations? Are they rural or urban or a mix, how many locations, what cities, do you have the zip codes, etc. (can aid in calculating rurality)

      Why? – what problem will this program solve if implemented – the key to linking funding to your cause.

      The following services are available to applicants to support their grant seeking efforts.

      Funding Research – customized and project focused research to find the right funding at the right time. Using industry tools and years of experience, our funding specialists will scour local, state, federal, and private funding sources to find the best fit for your project.

      Grant Development & Management – funding specialists can assist in any and all stages of your grant seeking process including:

      • Investigate Feasibility
      • Project Development
      • Project Management
      • Application Processing
      • Vendor Management
      • Project Implementation
      • Post Award Paperwork & Reporting
      • Grant Evaluation Management
      • Audits

      Grant Writing – expert grant writers will take your project and marry it to the funders goals and objectives to increase your chances of being awarded. Grant writing services are offered at a variety of levels:

      • Proof Reading
      • Editing
      • Narrative Development
      • Basic Grant Writing (smaller grants, private funders, foundations, etc.)
      • Complex Grant Writing (larger grants, state, federal, etc.)